the reason for dead ronnie



director's statement

[Greg W. Swartz]

I am always attracted to the type of comedy that you find in real life: that painfully real comedy that respects the viewer's intelligence. It's both hard to watch and very compelling at the same time. Plus, I have been a big fan of Courtney's work since we first met and I was eager to work with her again... not only directing a script that she wrote, but directing her in the process.

writer's statement

[Courtney Lamb]

I write smart*, painful** comedy about things that bother me, things that confuse me, and people that do both. I've been to a number of funerals in my life so far, unfortunately, and the lack of socially agreed-upon etiquette makes for one wacky scene. Funerals these days seem to be equal parts wake, family reunion, networking opportunity, social obligation, and all-you-can-eat buffet. Fewer and fewer people seem to feel obligated to speak particularly well of the dead if they didn't actually think much of him or her. And maybe that's not a bad way to go after all.

*hopefully;  **usually