only the good die young. oh, and also ronnie



When Caroline Barker dutifully shows up at the funeral for her abusive, lowlife brother Ronnie, she has no idea that their mother expects her to give the eulogy... and a 'nice' one at that.

With only ten minutes to prepare, Caroline is at a loss for a single nice thing to say about a brother she hated.

Desperate to get a moment to herself, she can't seem to escape Ronnie's opportunistic friends, her dysfunctional family, and a chorus of bored coworkers and acquaintances more interested in gossip and free food than bidding Ronnie farewell.

Finally, in the midst of all the insincerity, Caroline comes up with an honest way to remember her brother... sort of.

Caroline must give a eulogy for her dead brother Ronnie.

Ronnie and Ginny

This was Ronnie (he's the one on the left).


Caroline has nothing good to say about Ronnie, but her mother Ellen asked her to give a "nice" eulogy.


Caroline must think of something to say while dodging Ronnie's friends,

Feuding Dads

her own feuding family,

Bored Mourners

and bored mourners gossiping around the catering table.

Eulogy Audience

She eventually has to stand in front of everyone and say something good about Ronnie.

'Caroline at the Podium

Doesn't she?

[ photos by Richard Palaima ]