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Ginny Gets MakeUp

Key makeup artist Helen Marray-Finlay attends to De Anna Joy Brooks [as Ginny]

[ photo by Richard Palaima ]

Woods Hole Film Festival: July 2006

Thumbnail of Courtney at Woods Hole ImageThumbnail of Walter at Woods Hole ImageThumbnail of Screening at Woods Hole ImageThumbnail of Greg at Filmmakers Brunch Image
Thumbnail of Screening at Woods Hole Image

Behind-the-Scenes at the Shoot: March 2006

Thumbnail of Cast and Crew LoungingThumbnail of Boom in OperationThumbnail of Ginny Gets MakeUpThumbnail of Slate Prep
Thumbnail of Greg DirectsThumbnail of Greg Directs2Thumbnail of Set HugsThumbnail of Shooting from PodiumThumbnail of Business Mourners
Thumbnail of Alarmed DirectorThumbnail of View from PodiumThumbnail of Amanda smilesThumbnail of Dave and Amanda at MakeUp

Ronnie & Friends

Thumbnail of Ronnie and Ginny vanity plateThumbnail of Ronnie, Ginny, and Winnie on carThumbnail of Ronnie and Winnie with carThumbnail of Ronnie and Ginny with black eye
Thumbnail of Travis and Melissa Image