who got to be ronnie and be dead? and what about everyone else?



ronnie's family

Courtney Lamb as Caroline

Mimi Cozzens as Ellen

Brent Kirkland as Buddy

Dave Florek as Ron Sr.

Frank Crim as Uncle Billy

Willow Hale as Aunt Rachel

Chip Sickler as Cousin Denny

caroline's friends

Amanda Troop as Anne

ronnie's friends

Rodney Holland as Winnie

De Anna Joy Brooks as Ginny

Bobby Kesselman as Travis

Adam Noble as Clint

ellen's work friends

Michele Karpel as Melissa

Annie Savage as Denise

Robert DiTillio as Larry

Christine DiTillio as Jane

James Bartz as Jim

Tom Kennerly as Tom


Fred Cross as the Minister

Alan Hawkins as the New Mourner

...and Chris Fogleman as Ronnie